20 And so it continues...
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And so it began, a long time ago.

And so it continues. DECADES years later, amateur became more professional, randomness gave way to a little order, young became old and rantings morphed into rumblings and rumblings have morphed into something else. Content has been uploaded and eventually delete, lots of designs, writings and galleries posted and culled. This incarnation is miles and years farther along than when this place looked like 1995 had a mentally challenged baby with a fetish for photoshop filters. Evolution is a great thing.

The core of duhspot, nowadays, is this blog. Vanity and verbosity combined into personal online sputterings. A little more hiddden from the world, because I've discovered the world isn't filled with unicorn smiles/puppy kisses. There was a lot of thought in changing RANTINGS/RUMBLINGS into something else. Eventually I kept the name and moved the URL to something more reflective of reality, these days, for me. If you want to know, read, peruse it nowadays, I opened it all up again, so just give me an email and I'll point you to it. It's actually got a lot of the funny back. And there's a big dollop of no-fucks-given woven into it. Some giant jokes, some giant truths, and most of the time, they are one in the same.