25 May 2018, 19:41

I know it shouldn’t I shouldn’t care, I know it shouldn’t matter. I know its twisted and detrimental to me to even seek an answer to this. And I know it’s wrong to ask.

I was nothing to you, why didn’t you leave. Why was hurting me this bad the end game? What did I EVER do to you that warrented this?

That last one I have asked you to your face. Many times.

I made a mistake in loving you. Boy. Did I pay for it.

  • later***

I NEVER have had any one purposely try hurt me till now. in my half century on this planet, I“ve had no one purposely hurt me in this way. That, in away, astounds me.

I let someone in. So trusting was I to be so vulnerable. Yeah. I suck.

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