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29 April 2010, 01:00

“What you need to do, baby girl, is fucking sit down and catch your breath.”

Sage advice from one of my friends.

My latest little disaster I won’t go into, but for now, I’ve done all I can do to fix it and will find out if I was successful here in a while. Hope I was.

Today is a nice day, and it will be a laundry and peanut butter sandwich day. Played in a nine ball tourney yesterday and thankfully wasn’t a bitch on wheels. It’s pretty much a dice roll on who I’m a giant bitch to these days – there is a pattern though I’ve noticed. Monday, I was a cunt to a group of young southern men but last night I was nice to, a group of guys who pretty much acted just like the rednecks Monday. The only difference was, I do believe, the guys last night weren’t southern and had the short hair, oxford shirt wearing variety. I am a snob, I think.

I do love my southern friends though. There are no people better than Spence, Koone, Jerry, Lynn, Amy, and a half a dozen more I could name. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Well. Almost anything. Amy asked me the other day, is it North Carolina I hate, or just Forest City. That answer was easy – Forest City. I would need to live other places in North Carolina to truly hate the whole state.

Okay. The mundane part of this update begins.

Got me a mobile vehicle. As long as I got sharp eyes, and uninterested police, I can get around. Right now, I drive ONLY when I absolutely, positively have to. I wish things would work out that I wouldn’t have to drive until September, but we make do with the circumstances we are given.

Job search is on. I’ve sent about 10 electronic resumes, and will probably send some hard copy ones out as soon as I get a little cash for postage. Also, depending upon what my current income will be doing, I’ll be grabbing one of those survival paychecks – scares me though, because that involves driving. Driving could involve jail time – so we are going to balance out the cons and the really conny cons.

I’m am back to eating once a day. YAY. Probably will get all fat but once I get the strength back and less sick (yes, I still am sick with the goo), I’ll be heading to the track. Probably as soon as tomorrow.

Still got the stinky dogs, and loving on them. We are surviving for the moment. Jake must be going blind in that cataract eye of his. I think being sorta blind and probably a little deaf makes him more obedient, and more mommy oriented. Milo is just Milo. A walking carpet.

I’ve got low level rumble, nagging silent stresses eating at me, but I’m trying not to succumb to them. Today is a day of rest for this wicked woman.