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7 July 2015, 11:57

GOD. Apparently, you can’t just do some exercise and then your good to go. You have to do this shit over and over again.

Today is FAR harder to get up there and trudge along than yesterday. I thnk it’s because of the heat. I started out a little (a lot) later than usual, and it’s about 88 degrees whereas yesterday was around 80. Hey. That little difference is probably why I’ve opted to take a break every 10 or 15 minutes.

Onto today’s bitchy-moan and subsequent free associational blather.

So remember from yesterday, the liberals who’s poop doesn’t stink? Well, I am now a laughing stock troll because the queen of the page deems that my criticism of her honesty constitutes a lack of a sense of humor.

Eh fuck her and the horse she rode in on. I can’t seem to keep the page/post from updating and notifying me whenever one of the slack jawed mouth breathers start their jibber jabber about it. So, I’ve decided to hate the internet today. Internet access doesn’t always guarantee that the person who was able to write a check for it, should probably have it. I guess you could say that about me at times. Oh well.

I think the lack of customer service problem in this country is overblown. We probably have it, it’s just the ones who do get good service aren’t as vocal as those who don’t, and the cases where you don’t, it seems highly egregious and probably warrants some sort of retaliatory beat down.

Still at a plateau on budging the pudge. But I’ve noticed that my leg muscles are extremely THERE. They are THERE, and hard and just big and THERE. Maybe I should just go on a fast or drink the powdered doughnuts, er, SHAKES. Those shakes that give you “nutrition” plus a buttload of sugar.

So, I was plopped down on the couch, watching dogs bark in the air, when I decided I probably should find out what’s got them all batshit crazy. I look out and see a fat man climbing the pole outside our house, install a dohicky and then did a sashay of his rotundness backside to his Time Warner truck.

Then. HOLY SHIZZLE. My wifi is out? That fat bastard turned off my cable! Plague upon his house, I paid the bill? WHO THE HELL DOES HE THINK HE IS? WHAT the FLYING Blue fuck is going on up in this here thing? FUCK YOU ALL, turning off my goddamn internet (screw the cable TV, don’t give a rat’s patootey about that)!!!

So I furiously leaf through my files (yes, I have files of things and whatnot) and find a Time Warner bill and thump the number into my phone. I give the poor, beleaguered, but pleasant sounding, CSR the schpeel above and she tells me that they are just servicing an outage and it will be back on.

I apologize for being an asshole customer. My internet came back on about 10 minutes later. And it seems a bit faster, too. Man, am I an entitled first world prick or what?

Interviews coming up. Don’t care what level of arty farty it is. Just wanna work, and be out of the criminally insane atmosphere of Roya Foods. Yes. Finally said their name. Probably going to regale you with ALL that was wrong about that place since now, I’ve decided just to go public with the shitstorm. Later, though. I need to get back on the treadmill.


Resting. Again. This is going to be a long treadytime. Legs are willing but the rest of me wants to lie down.