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7 May 2008, 01:00

Hard, hard, hard.

Me, me, me.

So last night was the boozer. And when I say boozer, it WAS a boozer. I remember being at Merle’s. I have flashes of Finn’s.


OMFG. ow.


And I remember being lovely, the parts that I remember. I have a inkling I became very unlovely – good thing I can’t remember that part.

So I get up today, wanting to die. I pretty much still want to die right now. I remember chugging something that looked like koolaid with cherries in it. I remember a LOT of Killian’s red. What I don’t remember is what happened to the iPhone. I spent most of the day trying to track it from Merles to Finn’s to I don’t know where. Fuck me if I have to buy another. The phone itself isn’t what I’m fretting about losing – its the pictures and voicemail. I think the voicemail might be stored on a server and not on the phone locally, but the pictures are the ones I took yesterday during my last day at Viega. That would be heartbreaking to lose. Also, some voicemails I’d been saving. I really want those back too. I’m thinking they aren’t stored on the phone so that might work out. I got a little cheapy to replace the lost iPhone. Hopefully I will find the iphone. Finn’s doesn’t open till 7 pm. What kind of fucking bar doesn’t open till 7 pm?

This will be short and sweet as I am in the midst of either hari kari or a nap.

Drinking is hard work.

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Back to the goodbye boozer. Hugs and laughter and drinks. Lots of drinks. LOTS and LOTS of drinks. I had expected maybe 7 people and we ended up with 22. I took lots of pictures with my little iPhone and drank a lot of free drinks. Hugged and talked (slurred) and just had a BOMBING good time. Apparently. I pretty much can’t remember after about 10 pm. Flashes here and there. I picked a dark divey little bar called Merles, and we all had food (I don’t think I did) and drinks. Being that I hate bar-hopping, I was expecting to close down Merles, but it also being that I was WAY wasted on beer, shots, and some koolaid looking stuff with cherries, I was poured into a car and off we went to some place called Finn’s, a yuppie upscale bar. It basically was a place I would never go unless I had been plied with alcohol.

From what I hear, I was just a lovely, very drunk girl that was having an enormous amount of fun. But, at some point, people had noticed me and Rob (friend of mine) had disappeared, so I’m assuming he was the one that brought me home. Between leaving Finn’s and about 10 this morning, I had lost my iPhone (and fell down and went boom). I spent most of the day looking for my phone, and I am PRAYING that its just in a friends car. It has all the pictures of my last day on it, and some treasured voicemails I had saved. This breaks my heart. I can’t get that day back. Pictures of all my friends and the party. The pictures of the seven spongebob stick-on tattoos I had on my chest and neck. Pictures of silly string, joy, friends, of my cube, of the last day I was Viega.

And voicemails. I had voicemails from my friends, one friend in particular who’s not around anymore. I am a sentimental old fool, and listen to the voicemails when I need cheering up or when I miss someone. I had been trying to figure out how to download them onto the computer. Now, they are gone. I guess this is a life lesson of sorts. Another bit of loss I have to deal with. I was and still am angry at losing the phone. Feels like I’m being chipped away at, every time something like this happens.

The party was AWESOME, I couldn’t believe all those people showed up. I’m pretty proud of staying out of jail, not brawling, and I think I kept all my clothes on. I ended up dropping 4 large on a new iPhone. Oh, and twenty on a cheapo GoPhone, too.

So. Angry. Tired. Massive headache. Owie on my face and my behind. Didn’t have to be bailed out of jail. Pretty eventful little night.