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23 December 2005, 00:00

Ho Ho fucking Ho.

Almost hated to write something, since it would bump the profanity off the front page, but Merry Christmas. See? Merry Christmas ain’t such a big deal to say. But neither is Happy Holidays. They both don’t offend me in the least. Ya’ll should get a grip and let everybody say what they want.

And you know what my Christmas wish is? YOU ALL GIVE EVERYBODY A FUCKING BREAK.

There’s not much going on ‘round here. A little barbecue, a little movie time. Yeah, I’m not holiday gal. Never had any luck with them. And I always have people foisting social activity on me, especially around the holidays. Again, you all should give others a FUCKING BREAK. It shouldn’t be called Christmas Time, it should be Crankin’ It Down time. I wouldn’t be so cranky if you people weren’t so manic about it all.

It’s been such a bad year for so many people I know, but its been not too bad of a one for me. Nice job, no really big money troubles, no dogs died…. And really isn’t that all you need?

Except if I HAD TO MAKE A LIST….

1) Destroy Fox TV. Too much reality tv, too little brains in the programing department. Canceling Arrested Development and Kitchen Confidential? Dumb, dumb, dumb.

2) Render unto god’s what’s god’s, and leave the fucking science standards alone BOE of KS.

3) I hope the mutherfucker pouring acid on lab puppies in Kansas gets castrated or shot.

4) Instead of buying a Xbox 360, why don’t you go down to the post office (any post office will do) with your $300 bucks that would have went to Bill Gates, and pick three letters to answer. Buy a warm coat or shoes for a child who needs one. Buy food for a family who have none. Be Santa, this year.

5) I want the earth to open up and swallow the American Idol phenomenon. Please.

6) Make Anna Nicole Smith fat again. She was much more interesting fat. Being a skinny whore just doesn’t keep my attention.

7) Give Danny Bonaduce a frikking clue. Actually, that wife of his should RUN AWAY. RUN FAR AWAY.

8) Kiefer Sutherland’s pants come down during an episode of 24.

That’s all for now.

Happy Holidays.