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29 May 2018, 22:28

As part of my moving on, and because I unblocked Doug’s IP from this and he’s all over this thing like a fat man on a footlong chili dog, I’ve decided to go through and cull some entries. I’m not sure why he’s all over this thing reading, but he really needs to just move on. He’s reading this thing more than people who actually LIKE me read it.

Anywho. I think the more emotional ones I’ll make just for member consumption, since I suspect that Doug will try to use my past pain against me. So, if you didn’t read it before now, you’ve missed out, unless you contact me and I’ll give you the secret handshake to get in and see them.

And, also anything new I write that I want to restrict, I’ll do that and that will be open to most of you too.