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28 July 2016, 09:05

So here’s the deal.

Quick, quick recap. Found injured stray dog, Hurley try to EAT stray dog, need to find the owners or a home for stray dog, all dogs in separate rooms, Duh having a nervous breakdown, emailed/called everyone and their mother for this dog, bought Hurley a muzzle, started letting dogs see each other through cracks in the door, found a place to take the dog, Hurley starting to not act psychotic, muzzle arrives, Hurley with muzzle is fine with new dog, Hurley without muzzle is fine with new dog. Hurley has a new best friend. Doug is thrown into a depression because he is realizing new dog might not be going anywhere.

I had tons of people give me a buttload of advice. The weirdest was to find the dog a home because if I keep it “its like having a third baby to save a marriage.” I don’t even know what the fuck I do with that.

But anyway, here’s an update which is a pretty happy ending, at least for me.

Hurley the murderous fiend from Gaston, has been acting right with the new dog, when we crack the door and let them touch noses. There has been no attacking, no lunging at her, no snapping, no biting. Good boy. But I was still wary of the whole situation. Hurley’s new muzzle came yesterday, so it was time to see what everybody would do left to their own devices. I had to do it before Friday to see if the dog needs to go to Pawmetto or would she be good here.

I put the new muzzle on Hurley, who hated it, but kept it on. I held my breath, armed myself with a broom and let Lila out. Hurley did absolutely nothing. He stood and watched her. I let her circle him, I let him circle her. I let everybody sniff and lick. Everything seemed on the up and up.

So we sat there, dogs a pacing back and forth, Hurley seemingly peaceful and I still had my broom. I had a brilliantly bad idea. TAKE THE MUZZLE OFF. Had to do it sometime, and well, I live on the edge. Dogs were acting right, and I could step in and grab Hurley at anytime so, why not. There’s a ton of reasons, but I have never been one to be reasoned with, so off came the new leather muzzle.

I braced myself for blood, claws and saliva.



Really anticlimatic.

Hurley just did his postering, “I’m the boss” thing. It was a square dance of butt sniffing and Lila was wary and submissive at every point which seemed to make Hurley REALLY happy. He, for all his bluster and bravado, is treated as low dog here. He gets smacked for postering on Easley or Sophie. So, when presented with the opportunity that he can be higher on the hierarchy than someone, his heart filled with joy.

For the next couple of hours Lila follows Hurley around, Hurley let’s her eat out of his bowl, and play with his toys, which floored me because we’ve previously had a bit of a bugaboo with him when it comes to him guarding food, inanimate objects, invisible friends, what-not…

They went outside, and the follow the leadering pee train started. When one dog would pee, three more would go squirt in the same place. There was sniffing, snorting, exploring and meandering.

Then something happened that nearly caused me to have a stroke. Hurley charged the new dog. Then Sophie did the same thing. I was too far away to do anything, so I thought the world was about to come to a bloody and nasty end. Instead of attacking the dog, both Hurley and Sophie were charging her, running past and taking a play stance. They barked at her and bowed to her. They were trying to get her to play. Knock me over with a fucking feather. I soiled a nice pair of underpants for nothing. Lila, apparently, had NEVER learned what play was. She didn’t understand the play stance, and since my dogs play really rough, the barking and play-mouthing was threatening and scary. She immediately froze and submitted. The other two, kept doing play stances, barked in her face and circled her. No play. She ran into the house.

I was so proud that my dogs weren’t going to be murderers. So all evening there was dog activity. More than Doug is use to or particularly likes.

Hurley and Lila seem to be best buddies. I trust all three now, so I let them growl at her, and correct Lila. If it gets too crazy we step in, but I’m letting the dogs work out things since that entails no homicide.

Lila still needs to learn a lot. Not to jump on people. Not to chase the cats or she’ll get whomped. Not to chew on shit. Not to get on the bed since three dogs were really too many to share the bed with, four ain’t happening. Not to eat out of the cat poop box (actually ALL the dogs need to learn that). Not to eat out of the garbage. Not to drink out of the toilet.

You can’t believe how relieved I am. Lila is a great dog. This weekend, I’m putting up more Found Dog flyers and to be sure, any prospective owner, even the previous owner, will get a home inspection and what not from me. A dog this old should not be flinching at absolutely everything, human or otherwise. So, somewhere, something has abused this dog or frightened on a traumatic level.

Doug is just thrilled with another dog. “We don’t need to train her, her NEW OWNERS will do that…”

Oh, and we think now, Lila is a great dane/lab mix, so she’s going to be a giant pooch.

Doug is over the moon with that one. Heh.

Right now, Lila’s fate is up in the air.