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6 April 2018, 12:42

For a long time, I still had Doug’s number on my phone. I would block it and then rationalize some reason to unblock it. Well. After this week, I’ve decided it’s time. I blocked and deleted both Doug’s and his mom’s number. It’s been a long time coming. Not real sure why I was hanging on to it. We weren’t getting back together, and if I got in trouble I couldn’t count on him to help me. There is no reason for him to talk to me. He needs to direct all his questions to my lawyer. Those were just doors that he could come in to my world and hurt me. So. Those are closed now. I just got less stupid.

Honestly. I want it all to go away. I want this man to go away. I want all the memories and the past seven years to go away. I wish I had left in 2011 like I seriously thought about.