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22 October 2015, 10:54

Yup. Not been updating like I do.

I don’t know why sometimes I stop. Maybe it’s because I have nothing to say? But that’s highly unlikely since I never seem to shut up. Maybe it is all too depressing to pen? Maybe I get busy? Maybe I get stressed? Beats the hell out of me. It’s a shame really, because I like writing.

But insofar as an update goes, here’s one.

First of all, Dougie is still hurt. All that is finally moving along. It’s doing it at a snail’s pace but its going. He’s been out and hurt now for a month and a half. And we’ve been around each other 24/7. Sometimes it sucks, but I think we do better than most. If most people were together 24/7, they’ve would have killed each other by now, and Doug is still alive, so good on me. Doug would probably say good on him, but since this is my column, he can just go get his own blog and write whatever he wants.

Bills and etc. have been… worrying. Rent is almost paid, and now it’s power. I just need to secure funds for THIS month, since it’s is likely one of us (me) will have a job and will be bringing in fundage. One of us (Doug) might be farther along in his injury thing and might have some pay coming (maybe), so its just this month I’m over stressing about. I have about a week more time to get it all together and pay folks. So it’s crunchy time. Big bad crunchy time. I wonder how much plasma I have to donate for $250? Will that much kill me or just make me loopy for a time?

Which the above brings me to employment. I’m on the second interview for a nebulously fashioned Technical Coordinator/Communication Coordinator/TBD later sort of position with a company that makes software products for churches, schools, ministries and such. Yeah, I know… but I know all sorts of people who believe in god and get along with them fine. Most don’t know I’m a progressive atheist so that probably helps a lot in smoothing the path of any relationship with the god-fearing. The tech churchy people have on their website that they are a group of “like-minded” individuals. Spiffy. The job itself seems a great one with great pay and bennies. It’s in the opposite way of where I want to be, but the people seem really nice and they really dig me. What’s not to dig? My vibe is groovaous and I am a smarty-pants with a laid back, cool cat, tude, dude. That one won’t even make up their minds until the end of the month.

I have a survival job that I’m up for but just my freaking luck, it’s one of those you can’t just work for a week and quit. I’m a gazillion times smarter than most of the people I would be working with (I scored perfect on the testing they gave me, and apparently I type 65 words per minute with a 96% error rate). I did really well at the interview and the HR woman loves me. It would be a nice job (low pay, great benefits) if it were my only option. But what I really need right now is something I can work for two weeks and quit. And, surprisingly, there are no jobs like that out there. I would feel uber guilty doing that to these people, since they invest so much on the outset for their potential hires. So. Crap.

The Augusta job is still “on boarding” me. I am like a possum in the gears of a combine. The security clearance guy evidently is a part time contractor guy out of Utah who doesn’t answer emails, they were a week late in turning in the security request, they told me too late that I needed electronic fingerprints and for that I need some special code that, again, nobody told me I needed. So that is my project today is the fingerprints. I am told that this is the one thing that might be holding it up. If this thing doesn’t have all the bureaucracy and essence of something connected to the government, then I’m Donald Trump. But. If I actually started working for them RIGHT NOW, I wouldn’t get paid until the 15th of November.

Stressy? Yup.

Well, you say, if your stressing, do some Tready time.

So. About tready time. Screw that. I’ve kinda quit that. I stop exercising. I didn’t gain any weight back, and I’ve been eating garbage again. I can’t really have the me time it takes to motivate myself into tready time when Doug is hanging around the house. Just breeds contempt, at that point. And talking of contempt and supressed resentment, cleaning is not an activity I like to do when somebody else is just lying in bed watching TV, so that’s been harder to accomplish. So everything is spurting along at some stop start pace. And I’ve been weirdly, sporadically busy. And its been cold. And I don’t wanna.

Otherwise, everything else is blah. Power still on, and not homeless yet.

Yeah. This column sucked. But they all can’t be gems.