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10 November 2008, 00:00

Yeah. It was all going pretty unhorrible. Okay, okay. I had no heat. I was getting to a point where I was going to be pissed at that and do something about it.

But this was the last straw.

Remember the fucking hillbilly pitbull that put a giant hole in my dog Jacob? The one owned by the giant asshole who swore up and down his dog was a lovely dog that never ever bit another dog or child even though I was wildly pointing at Jacob? Well. Fucking pit got the other dog, and got him good. And not an offer to pay vet bills or do anything from the fucking wealthy hillbilly redneck crackers on the hill. Not an offer of any sort of help at all. Just a comment “well, we don’t have leash laws here in the country.” Yes. Yes they do.

I let the dogs out for their morning constitutional – on Sundays I don’t go out with them because nobody is up for them to bug and they can go do their thing and come back. Hillbilly, redneck cracker fucking pitbulls had gotten out of their pen and apparently attacked and injured Buddy the dog. Buddy is the kindest thing on this earth and probably was running away from the big brown evil pitbull “that wouldn’t hurt no one.” He came running into the bedroom where I was covered in blood. And I mean covered. Bloody foot prints and scared to death. I ran out there to see who else would have been mauled or hurt. Jacob was intact and they apparently don’t mess with Milo, but just about tore up Buddy.

I spend Sunday afternoon at the emergency vet an hour away from my house trying to get Buddy checked out. He still has to go to the local vet tomorrow. I was so pissed, I called the landlord and said ‘I HAVE HAD IT’, I was done with all the bullshit and the lack of heat and water and the no fence and the scary electrical and the broken plumbing and all the other things that made this place almost a hell hole at this point. Said something about I’m using the rent money to pay for the vet bills, screw him, and I was out of there at the end of the month.

Buddy is doing much better, and hopefully the vet bills will be a lot less. I think he just needs antibiotics to fight whatever infection he might have picked up and psychologically he’s not as messed up as he was yesterday.

It’s things like this that makes me doubt my future in North Carolina. I don’t mind me suffering and struggling, but when it touches my family like this, a family that didn’t choose to move, a family who didn’t deserve this shit, I become unsettled in the veracity of my decision to do this. The rightness of my decision to do this.

All I can say is for all the neighbors goddamn protests of ‘we are good people’ and whatever, they have proven themselves worthless and fucking nightmare to be near.

It’s all been almost more than I can handle the last week. My threshold of shit-handling has become low since I don’t travel 1,000 miles every month now.

Sigh. Fuck North Carolina. Fuck the country life. Fuck my neighbors. Fuck it all.