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30 June 2015, 12:52

One hour down, now it’s time to puke. This all has gotten hard, and it’s even harder to do without motivation. The lack of poundage disappearance sapped all that away. But, one must push through, because on the other side of We-Can-Quit-Now is progress. I think I’ve given up the goal of becoming svelte, and now this daily ritual of agony is a goal unto itself. It gives me a sense of doing some hard work and accomplishing it. Cuz fuck it, I taint droppin no shizzle, yo. Yeah. I’m doing that occasionally now.

I’ve actually reach the point where I DO have a lot of non-exercise related material I could and want to write on, I’m just too fucking tired at this point.

But, a shorty update:

Employment: there’s a really great job I’m at least inline to interview for. It’s one of those “my friend got me the interview because I begged him to”.

Moving: Who the fuck knows.

Fat: Still there.

Politics: I gotz stuff, but just too tired to type.

And now. I’m off to vomit and clean.