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17 March 2015, 12:10

Dear god, halfway through tready time. It’s not bad at all, once I get going, but its the motivation to get me up and on there that is killing me. Plus, I THOUGHT that my little doughnut binge made it not even worth it, but damn if eating a bunch of Krispy Kremes isn’t qualifying as a binge. It only put me like 200 calories over my extra low calorie goal. So I couldn’t say, “fuck it, doughnuts for the win.”

Yesterday, as I was getting more doughnuts, I saw a place right next to it call the Fitness Bootcamp or whatever. Usually I see a bunch of people around my size or larger being herded around the parking lot by a couple of people who look like the should be on American Gladiator. I can’t image PAYING someone to stand above me, making me do miserable crap in the sweltering heat of the parking lot of a strip mall. I saw this poor chunky woman, a little bigger than me, push this black cart back and forth between two parking spaces while this bald, gym rat nazi bastard stands in the shade of the awning with his arms crossed on his chest and in aviators on eyeballing her. Give me a fucking break. And SHE PAYS HIM. The only thing I’d pay a rat bastard gym nazi to do is peel me a fucking grape, and fan my ass as I drink margaritas.

This’ll be short, because A) I really don’t have much to say, B) My brain turned to goo about 10 minutes ago C) Nobody but bots and spiders read this.

It is SO nice outside. And today is SO the cleaning day. We are going to get this cat smell out of the house if it kills me. Today is the day of non sequiturs…

- My used, broke computer chair finally has given up the ghost. The seat part has broke in two, and the dogs have chewed the edges up until it’s about the size of a frisbee. Going to get another off of craigslist, for $15 or a case of PBR.

- Going to duct tape the cats butthole shut.

- I wish I could drag the tready outside, but I think rational people would just say, “Just run OUTSIDE on the ground.” I’ve figured out though, I do better on the tready than in real life. I’m at a constant speed, a faster speed, and a longer duration than if I did it outside. But outside is… well outside. It’s SO nice.

Okay. Gotta do this. Gotta Gotta Gotta.

Motivation is a bitch to generate. Not like bullshit. I can do bullshit all day long.

yeah. stalling.