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17 October 2018, 06:11

Sick. Just sick. Sinus infection mixed up with maybe a little flu. I don’t know. It’s just awful though. I have drugs and doctor’s appointments but no PTO left. So, I get to sit at work at ungodly hours plugging away at my projects until I just can’t stand life anymore, and then wait a couple more hours after that to go home.

I know you all are waving a bony finger at me saying, “Tsk, tsk, you didn’t save some for sick days? That’s what its there for…”

Yeah. Bite me. No. Okay. This is why it’s October and I have no PTO.

Usually when I have my PTO bank, I never really think about sick days, because I haven’t been sick for a long time. My problem was always I had TOO much PTO that I couldn’t figure out what to do with it. It’s not like I took vacations with my family or anything. So, I found the holidays and made them into 4 day weekends, and still always had, like, 10 days left. Well. 2018 was different. I took a week long vacation at the beginning because of 2017 (we all know what happen to me and that maybe I needed a little break). But, I overestimated my ability to actually use it. I got bored and came back to work early. And as near as I can figure, the other PTO was sucked up by car blow-ups, lawyer time, and transportation failures. It ate away at all of it. Sucks, I still have two and half months left in this year, and who KNOWS what will happen. There’s a divorce in there somewhere, I have to take a day off for.

“DIVORCE” you say? “I thought that shit was done” you say. Nope. Another 60 days or so away. Near as I can calculate, I was married 7 months and will be “separated” (not married but not divorced) for 14 months. Technically, I was married for 21 months. But fuck the technicals.

I hope there is no sicky-sick in my future after this. I forgot how being actually sick really isn’t pleasant. On top of all the other unpleasantness, I am ickified. But, one good thing that comes from being sick/stressed/whatever is that I dropped another 5 pounds, so there are no 9s, 8s, or 2s in my weight anymore. And no. I don’t weight 777 pounds. Or even 377 pounds. Though now I wonder, was the fat fighting off the sickness goblins? My shields are weakened and now the plague is ravaging the onboard computers.

Eh. Poop. Just don’t want to feel crappy. And I forgot my headphones and my sweater, so this is going to be the most spiffy of days….