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6 May 2018, 09:09

I woke up this morning to THIS. Yah. I love it now. It’s not the best Mazda I could have gotten but to get any better, I would have had to go to Atlanta, so the extra I’m paying is worth it. I keep thinking I’ve forgotten something in my budgeting that will financially cripple me by buying this. I’ve gone over my budget about a hundred times BEFORE I decided to buy a car, and I’ve done it about 5 times since I’ve gotten the car, yesterday afternoon. I’ve gotten a super reliable car, that is super nice. I am super excited and super paranoid that something super big is going to super bite me in my super ass.

But. I am actually allowing myself to be excited. Going to lunch today in my new car. Right now. I am bouncing back from wanting to vomit to being immensely joyful. I am truly one of the norms now. For good or bad, I’ve emerged out of the fringe to live with adults. I AM planning on paying this thing off as soon as possible. I’m going to put every extra dime I have into paying off the principle. I figured about a year, I can get it done. Then I’ll reduce the insurance on it, but it will still have the three year warranty on it. Yeah, I bought a car warranty. I had TWO head gaskets blow on me. I am a single (almost) woman with no help. I think if this is an unnecessary purchase, it gave me a little peace of mind. I think I probably made a lot of mistakes doing this purchase, but I tried to stick to my guns. I got the price I was comfortable with I think, I got an high APR, but as my credit gets better (which it is, everyday I check) I can refinance. I may not even have to since I’m determined to pay this off in a year. And NO MORE RENTAL CARS, or POSes or Craigslist cars or anything like that. I’ve begun to Dustify it up and its becoming mine.

I think I’ll call it Freddie.