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2 February 2015, 03:41

I’m back.

At least for a while.

Still an unproductive wart on society, but at least I’m not leeching from the Federal Government anymore. Well. Until I can figure out a way to actually do it, I’m not. No longer looking forward to involuntarily living in a tent in the backwoods of South Carolina. Now, the talk is to do it voluntarily. HA. No. Although the run of good fortune lately has people around my immediate vicinity (Doug) talking of buying some land and well… I don’t know. After talk about living that good ole country life, I went sort of catatonic.

Since I have a bit of time on my hands (I don’t know how much. I might be back in the rat race here in a month or two), I’m back on the goal of working on ME a little bit, and having a little ME TIME. Don’t know how long ME TIME is going to last. If I had my druthers, it would be all summer. Potential employment is looming. And being out of work kind of kills that spirit of “I can pass up this high paying job with a hour 44 minute commute…”

But, at the moment, I’m rousing about 8 every morning, doing the treadmill and then whatever else needs to be done. I’m house maid, bookkeeper, shopper, dog wrangler, maintenance crew. etc. So, for a while at least, this is going to be my ME TIME blog.

ME TIME. I like the concept. The concept was introduced to me by Doug. He had ME TIME. One difference betwix our ME TIME styles is that I’m doing a bunch of shit during my ME TIME.

I am back on the tready again. This time, I’m starting at a lower weight, and better stamina level. I slog through about 40 minutes to an hour of it, and then off to do other shit. I want to get to a point where when it gets warmer, I’ll be going outside onto the mean streets of an altogether different Hee Haw, and running in the sunshine. That’s the one thing I like about the south. The weather is pretty decent.

I really do want to have unstressful ME TIME for the summer but I don’t know if that’s possible. The siren call of employment is screeching in my ear, and being the paranoid-not-wanting-to-live-in-a-cardboard-box gal that I am, I’m too afraid of not taking it. But the position is freaking an hour and 40 minutes PLUS away. Even if we moved to a location that splits the difference between my job and his, its still about an hour drive (which is better.) But where are we going to find a nice two acre, fenced in plot to hang our hat? It’s pretty decent here. Still. Going to the interview, and well. We’ll see.

I can’t tell if Doug likes his job. He’s all over the place with it. This is the biggest opportunity and the highest level he has been… ever (due in no small part to me and my incessant resume blitzkrieg). It was a big leap from where he was to where he is. But he’s always said that he should be at that level, and he just needs the opportunity blah blah. So. This, stress, this opportunity, this power is WHAT HE WANTED. Be careful of what you wish for, for you shall surely receive it.

I have the interview coming up for a position any SANE person wouldn’t turn down. One of those positions where the director asked me if I could get a passport. But god almighty, it’s been about 5 years of some real stress and slogging. I would like 6 months of selfish time.

We’ll see about that too. That happens Wednesday.

Until then, I’m treating myself to a little Bass. I’m up to 3 miles a day. I got some beer. I don’t have to worry about things for a while. And its getting warmer. Don’t tell anybody about the Bass. I don’t think I should be enjoying myself…