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28 May 2010, 01:00

It’s coming up on my second Memorial Day in North Carolina. I’m not sure what kind of significance there is in that I still mark time with the suffix “in North Carolina.” It’s probably not a GREAT indication of my status confidence, but at least I stopped calling it “North FUCKING Carolina” or “Hell”. Well. I stopped calling it that regularly.

It will be a quiet weekend since I am definitely not driving anywhere. They have road blocks/license checks for the drunk and illegal and since I resemble that on both points, home is where you’ll find me. Plus, I’m broke until next week. I’ve spent at least $150 on gas this last two weeks to get me to interviews. Many interviews. Many miles.

I’m getting them often and regularly and I think that is an absolute glorious thing. I was SO convinced I wasn’t going to get one, and never have anyone interested in me. I was also SO convinced I’d end up hungry, homeless and a complete unemployed burden on society. It is fabulous I can generate interest at a level where employers actually want to meet with me. I’ve been getting phenomenal feedback and compliments on my portfolio and there are a couple of positions I really want. Everything is, at a minimum, an hour away, so eventually, I’d have to move away. But that wouldn’t happen for a while, although I do NOT want to drive on these hilly, twisty terrifying roads for hours in the winter. I am retarded on flatland and straight streets, so on the varicose veins that these people call roads I am probably ten times as dangerous.

After interviews, I usually trudge on down to the Hole and relay my tales and excitement to my friends as we sit around guzzling beers. We pulled out lawn chairs by the side of the bar in the shade and did that chillin’ with the gang thing. I had got sat down in one of the nicer chairs, but had forgotten to get a beverage. I pulled out my cell phone and called the bartender, Amy, who was inside:

Duh: Hey Amy, its me…
Amy: Now, I KNOW you ain’t sitting out there calling me to bring you a fuckin’ beer (laughs)
Duh: Well. Shoot. NOW I’m not…

Yesterday, I updated everyone on the latest interview. I think I did really well, and it was in Greenville, South Carolina. The greatest thing is they make DOGGY stuff. WOO HOO. Man, I really have to hook ONE of these jobs. It usually works out that I’m the runner-up and not the employee. I wonder what puts one over the top? I’ll have to figure that out.

We were sitting around and I told Jerry and company that I would really, honestly miss them if I left and I’d come back and visit. I amazingly had them tell me they didn’t want me to go. That touched me. I will really miss so many people here. I try to stay separate and aloof, but I haven’t been successful. But I am SO excited about the possibility of a decent job and a better life. I am wanting a stress that is work related and not survival related. And my world would open up and become much bigger than it is right now.

I had just a barrel full of fun yesterday. I shot some very good pool, as I was very inebriated. You know you shot some good stick when dudes continually come up to tell you that. The girls with their pool playing boyfriends looked at me oddly, but I don’t know if that was because I was singing with my ipod, trying to keep my eyes from crossing or that I couldn’t manage to stand up very well. Okay. I exaggerate. I wasn’t THAT bad. But I was a VERY happy girl, and I was a GOOD girl last night. No poking the assholes, or teasing the dickwads, so nobody wanted to hit me. It’s always a good night when you don’t get punched by an angry hillbilly.

But this weekend, since we are cash poor, is going to be spend with my loving canines, a little bit of sunshine, and a bowl full of fruit.

Happy memorial day, everybody.