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21 May 2009, 01:00

I’m up. A little late, but up. It’s messed up when you get up at 8 and fret that its late. This week its going to be in the mid to upper 70s, and I’m sort of broke, but sort of not. My riches are in the form of ones, so you know how that goes. Minutes on the phone are LLLOOOOWWW so talking to anybody, including Citimortgage is impossible until Tuesday. Heh heh.

For three months the dogs were not allowed on the bed most of the time, although we couldn’t keep Jake off – he’d just ninja his way on, so we gave up on making him stay off. Now, there are no restrictive forces to keep them off, they are riding the mattress like it was their own.

I don’t think I can complain about the rest of this week. I have the burden of calling Citimortgage lifted off me until next week, I have a tiny bit of money and food in the fridge. I’ve lost another two pounds and I’m building up my stamina and endurance. My sad little feet are healing up from the blisters and whatever I caught from North Carolina that makes my toes itch. Until I started bandaging up my tooties, I was getting bad, bad blisters. And it’s not because my shoes didn’t fit, I think it was because my toes would scrunch up together, and rub. Or maybe they are extra sensitive. Ahhh. Before North Carolina, the Keds that ate up my pinky toe and the seven or so massive blisters I developed, my feet were pppuuurrrdddyyy (left: pic of purdy feet).

Oh, it’s probably that time now, of the getting up, the pills, the crunches, the workout and the OMT.

I wish I had more insight or profundities to relay, other than some guy at the track thought I looked 27 (I think he had cataracts). But, I think the state is draining every intellectual bit of energy from me. I’m yupping and ya’lling myself into a smaller hat size. I always like to think that I was down to earth, that I can talk about little things as well as the big ones. Kelly was talking about how she thinks I would get bored without someone (gadzooks) on my intellectual level to talk to – that makes me sound so… freakish, different, elitist. True, I can talk with some authority on the more complex things but I thought I could fit in when it comes to talking sports, beer, dogs, papercuts and whatnot. I like going to the symphony and theatre, but I like getting drunk and rowdy. God love that woman, she meant it as a compliment, and I took it as one, but it also adds to the feeling of isolation from this place, it makes me feel different and foreign. SHRUG.

Eh. I like getting tipsy though. Good thing drinking is almost a free activity these days. Listened to Your Mac Life with some beers and the laptop cam. Yimmies, I don’t photograph well. I do believe I’m developing jowls (faint).

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Off to the track I went, and by my usual route, through the graveyard. There were a plethora of folks all over the place planting American Flags. I had forgotten that it’s coming up on Memorial Day. A day to honor those who died in military service for their country. It’s astounding to everyone that I would hold this day in reverence, being everyone assumes I’m a disrespectful, America-hating, military-bashing, commie liberal. Even before knowing someone on a personal level that is in the military, I’ve always had idealistic respect for politicians and soldiers. Both professions are in service and sacrifice to the greater good, and ideally again, one of the most unselfish and honorable things you can do. Reality sometimes is different, but I always pay my respects to those who lost their lives fighting for what they believe in – duty to their country. It is difficult to imagine being sent to die in a conflict you don’t believe in, but doing it because you believe in your duty to your country.

There are many reasons people join the military, from honor and a sense of duty to it being the last option for salvation of their lives. And I have my opinions and cautions concerning the way the military operates. But a strong military is necessary. Now, how much of our national budget goes to the support of this institution I may disagree with, or that the amount you give to the military, you could give a matching amount to the department of education to improve schools.

But, service of this sort is amazing to me. I didn’t choose that life – I might have been a good soldier except for the not questioning of authority part, and the getting up early part. I think my OCD would have carried me through to create a strong, steeled body and mind. And learning how to kill a man in a couple-three-four different ways appeals to me. I always wanted to be able to kick some ass effectively.

Anyway. It’s coming up on Memorial Day in the rural south. I’m not sure what to do, or what I should be doing. I wish for all our service men and women to be safe and well. I think I’ll just be grateful for home, hearth, peanut butter sandwiches and doggy kisses.