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10 August 2015, 09:33

God. Have I been slacking on the exercise. But I’ve been watching what I eat so I haven’t backslid. But, I have been just NOT DOING IT. The exercise. And I should. Especially now, because I do believe I’ll be employed soon, so I need to get it all in.

And a monstrous low moan sounds out from the internet from all the sighs of relief from those wanting me to become a productive member of society.

The best part, sort of, is the company is an upstanding, integrity filled company who doesn’t make napalm and has Bring-Your-Dog-To-Work-Fridays. My dogs wouldn’t qualify. One is neurotic and nuts, one is a big vicious pitbull who always wants to suck fingers and have his tummy rubbed, and one is a playplay dog who nips at any part of your body she can aim for. All are attention whores and would suck the very productivity out of any office. The job itself sounds fun. The pay is adequate, the benefits are good and it’s REALLY close to my house. Thank fucking god, no more hour long commutes. I have a second interview coming up, and I think I’m the leading candidate. Of course, all this happens most of the time. I’m always the runner-up, so we’ll see if this time, I take home the prize.

And as you can see, I’m stalling. Or as I like to call it, “my pre-warm-up”, which in reality, ought to be some sort of stretching or warm-up exercise, but really is just me trying to stall and find motivation at the same time. Both these things fight it out until motivation wins out and I get on the damn treadmill. Changes are happening sssslllooowwww. And that sssssuuuuccckkkkssss. But, what are ya gonna do? Go back to bed, eat muffins and watch the DVR? hmmmm….. okay. no. Sounds really good to me though.

Last week was the end of something outstanding. Jon Stewart ended his run on the Daily Show, and it has made me so sad that such an intelligent, effective progressive warrior has bowed out of the spotlight. He has always voiced a stance on most issues that was similar to mine, has made me think more about issues that normally I would haven’t given a second glance to or in some cases, would have never know about, and he has made me laugh. He crystallized ideas for me, and sometimes, explained a lot of shit I was too lazy to figure out. I will miss him. There is a hole now SO big, I don’t know if it can be filled in quite the same way.

In my lifetime, I’ve seen Johnny Carson, David Letterman, Craig Fergunson, Stephen Colbert, and now Jon Stewart depart and those events has put in sharp relief my mortality. I am of the TV generation, and TV, for better or for worse has played a LARGE part of shaping who I am. Oddly, the best parts of me came from watching TV – my ethics, my values, my morals and morays. Luckily, I did watch the RIGHT stuff (at least I think so). Sagan, Python, Tom Baker’s Doctor Who, Carson, McNeil and Lehrer, Charlie’s Angels, Bugs Bunny, Roseanne, etc. etc. etc.

I will miss Mr. Stewart immensely. Just as I miss Carson, Letterman, Fergunson and Colbert. Thank you for the past 16 years. It made me a better person.