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2 January 2019, 12:25

New Year’s Eve 2019. Whee. We didn’t want to go out and be around drunk annoying people – that’s pretty much a goal in life, a resolution that is made, and something that can be achieved with satisfaction. This year, Xmas was the big, travel, planned out, holiday, and New Year’s had the home based celebrations.

We had cartoons and mimosas with homemade chili, punctuated by cheap fireworks being set off in the driveway. Since I live by some hardcore rednecks, we saw the real fireworks right outside the door in the neighbors yard anytime we wanted during the night…. plus about two dozen gunshots. Dogs cowered in the bathroom. Chili was had. Shit was blown up.

Was really good and satisfying as a holiday. Really, really was. It brought the happy in spades.