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2 June 2015, 12:09

Oh dear am I oogie. It’s been about 10 days since I treadied, although Thursday and Friday I did a lot of manual labor, loading and unloading the manifestation of the history of Macintosh in and out of my minivan. You would have thought I would have made some big muscles or lost a lot of weight, but I just got a horrendous backache out of it. At first, I thought maybe I had some sort of kidney failure and was developing whatever disease causes kidney failure. WELL. I heard that if you have back pain, you are in the midst of some sort of kidney failure or the last stages of labor. Then the fourth or fifth thing after kidney disease and pregnancy on WebMD was back strain, so since I’m not peeing blood, or shooting babies out my va-jay-jay, I think that’s it. AND I GAINED THREE POUNDS.

So, after two days of some serious back pain, it didn’t feel as bad today and I got back on the tready. I thought, “Today doesn’t count, it’s just a day to get back on my routine.” But I got on there, and I was pleasantly surprised. It was no problem at all, I didn’t get tired or develop the sit-the-fuck-downs, and made it 4 miles. I did extremely well, and now I am all sweaty, stinky and numb-happy. WHEEE.

EMPLOYMENT NEWS. Yeah. WE are ALL excited about that.

I have a number of interviews this week and next. I wasn’t excited about any of them because they all looked like little, career-stalling, jobs that basically are jobs I would take to pay the bills and avoid working at Walmart or McDonald’s (not that there’s anything wrong with that.) Little dirges in the lulls of the bigger symphony. And a couple of them are – the type of honest, small prepress, pixel pushing jobs that aren’t monumental but aren’t that soul sapping either. Except for one.

I had thought this company that I had the phone interview with was a down and dirty little job, mainly because the website was pretty lacking in originality and dynamics. It looked like something generic and canned. It was nice and functional but it didn’t feel personal or creative. High hopes for any of these jobs being something I could get really excited for didn’t happen. But, it turned out that this phone interview was for a really decent company, and I would be a very integral part of the creative marketing team (a team of three.) It is similar to work I did a LONG time ago. The interview process, the guy who talk to me said, was going to be a long deal that involved a personality test and a 4-5 hour face to face. I don’t even know if I made the cut for all that, but it is SUCH a BOOST in my spirits that I even got a call.

But all in all, it looks like I’ll probably have a job soon, which saddens the part of me who wanted the summer off so I could really work on myself. The effectiveness of all this work I’ve been doing (exercise, diet, etc.) pretty much is dependent upon having a lot of free time. If I had a job, there would be a lot less hard exercising, since after a long day, I’m just too tired to push like I do now. Plus, a job usually has me drinking pop and eating junk a lot more than I do now.

That’s a thought, on why I gained about three pounds – the last two weeks, I’ve been guzzling a lot of Sprite, and a goodly amount of skim milk. I wonder if that has anything to do with anything? Who knows. I don’t seem to respond the way the internet says I should to exercise and dieting. I did look in the mirror, examining it all, and I HAVE firmed up and lost a noticeable amount to where I think in about two more weeks, we (me, myself and I) are ready to take this show on the road and start running out in public.

I have enough stamina now, and my legs have the strength. I am not SO squeemy about how I look since my tonality is fairly decent and my flab has went down from bulbous to slightly chunky. I just am hesitant because of the bugs, but I do have a can of Deep Woods Off, so I can try and add a little poison to the mix, just to keep the critters away. It’s all a trade off, you know.

Right now, I think I’ll just bask in the satisfaction of my life’s suck factor lessening a magnitude.