22 April 2018, 09:58

It’s going to be a good day. After three weeks of WTF, I think I’ve finally managed to put the fires out. I think it’s good to go for April and probably May. Yeah, remember when I said I didn’t make a plan? Well. I have one now, subject to change and alteration, of course. I think everything is going to be all right. I shouldn’t have said that, but what the hell. Trying NOT to be happy about that. It always bites me in the ass when I take that deep sigh and go “alrighty, relax, it’s going to be smooth sailing.” So. I’m going to get through this, and I’m going to predict after all the unpredictable goes away, its going to be a great summer. Although, I’m allowing myself a little excitement about the car. It’s not the most practical choice – I probably should have gotten the 2010 civic, or maybe even a one of other choices, but, I deserve this.

Sigh. Just comparing monetarily my financials/cost between now and 5 months ago, I cannot BELIEVE how much more it cost me 5 months ago to live. I had thought maybe if I break even, I’d be lucky, but I think comparatively (before the car, though, I’ll have to refigure for that) existence now is WAY cheaper, even with my added rent cost. One regret is the Volvo. I loved the car, but, hell, if I was going to buy a car, I should have bought the 2008 Eclipse. It was Japanese, and maintenance cost were less because Volvos are FUCKING EXPENSIVE. It was something I really wanted. But, that’s one regret, that is reversible.

I like sitting here, watching Robin Williams on the iMac, having Hurley burrow under the covers because, well, that’s what he does now. He does that, and randomly stare at me while whining. I’m trying to decide if I need to go duct tape the mail box to its post, as all my tools have been stolen from my house.

Gonna be a good day, ‘tater.