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15 June 2015, 11:32

I was going to name this birthday, but why torture myself any further in reminding myself that I’m another year close to the big dirt nap, and probably just a decade or two off from uncontrollable drool and soiling myself involuntarily.

I’m on my third rest. I don’ t know if it’s the lack of caffeine, or sugar, or if it’s the heat (90 degrees and climbing) but the stamina is for doo-doo right now. Well. I am trying to run, too. I’m at a plateau. No progress. Well except for the giant, rock hard, drumsticks my calves have turned into. Same weight, same poof in the same places. Working at it though, some days harder than others. I have a the trickle of employment interest going on, and I’m another year older. I have NOTHING to write about today, but tomorrow if all goes as planned, I will have a TONNAGE to write about plus some pictures, video, and a buttload of schadenfreude.

So this will be short, untwittered, and uneventful unless after the exercise, I can manage to think of anything else.