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13 April 2013, 01:00

I feel old. And you know why? I decided, against the better angels screaming in my head not to, why not dig into Dreamweaver 5.5 and rebuild the once mighty vanity site that lumbered on the web at this URL for at least a decade.

Yeah. I feel old. Where I was stuck in GoLive 3, the world had galloped to embrace progress, change and all that other shit that old people are uncomfortable with. Where I was the one who USE to walk through the digital universe with some semblance of confidence that I knew what I was doing, now, I look at it as if I were a fairly dumb dog looking at advanced calculus. I had kept all my other skills up-to-date. I photoshop and illustrate at a reasonable level and can explain with some authority the workings and reasoning behind any number of modern digital concepts, Dreamweaver is kicking my ass.

Well. In my defense, I’ve been trying to do this for about 15 minutes and its not going well. I’m use to not feeling like a total tool. I have a couple of books and am going to slog through this – but this whole “god this sucks” feeling is the reason I didn’t dig into Dreamweaver before this.

This is my simple first foray, that I’m sticking up. It will get better. Or it will crash and burn a in beautiful, brightly colored mess.

Why don’t I use Word Press? Or any of that other flotsam available to me? As I discovered about two or three weeks ago, if I don’t regularly maintain upgrades and security, kiddie scripters will put up some 1995-esque looking hacker page promoting the violent action of Arab extremists against the West, and not even spell half the anti-American rhetoric correctly. Right now, I’m one of those apes in 2001, just before I learn that I can bash people’s heads in with a blunt object. Unenlightened.

Gonna have to learn. But I sat around today and figured that I didn’t have anything better to do than this, otherwise, I would grow attached to the bed and the remote till it would be impossible to separate me completely without surgery.

And those of you who are tangentially familiar with me, my writings and what not are asking right now, RUMBLINGS? What happened to RANTings?

It’s a consequence of growing older. And growing wiser. And growing more apathetic. I’m the cranky old fart that doesn’t give a rat’s patootey. I’ve found out that I can say the same things sitting in a comfy chair, grumbling as I did when I was standing and spitting bile at people. And get the same sort of result. It’s a amalgamation of grumbling, mumbling and ranting – but with a comfy chair and Bass Beer.

Here, in a while, slowly as I try to get my old brain to process new shit again, this will evolve from the simple html you see. And, I’ll be putting up select old Rants and such that I wrote back when I had a sense of humor and was funny.

Till then, if you are reading this right now, congratulate me, I’ve mastered uploading shit in Dreamweaver.