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2 June 2018, 12:44

Dear sweet jesus. That was the hardest thing I’ve done all month, and I went through a divorce hearing. I’ve lost all my stamina for running. The legs are ready to go and wondered why everything else quit. It’s because everything else was about to stage a coup upon my brain and I swear I think I was going to have a stroke. That was the HARDEST, I’m ashamed to say, 2 miles I’ve done in forever. Remember THIS??? Nope. Not today.

Yes. I decided to get back out there. There is no doubt I’ve lost weight, but unless I wanted to look like a barbie with string cheese wrapped around the midsection, I needed to tone it all back up again. In 2010, I weighed just about as much as this but, I was in VERY DIFFERENT SHAPE. The soft parts were small and the hard parts were granite. So I want to do THAT again. I’ve never been athletic, though when I decided to become so, I did take to it very easily, considering I was a contented keyboard ranger for 40 years. It is HOT in South Carolina, and I don’t have a track to run on so, I’ve taken to the streets, trying not to get hit by cars, or have a heart attack. When I say run, I mean “run like balls until I want to vomit, walk it off trying not to fall over” rinse, repeat, until it gets to the point where I have to lay down and pray for the sweet release of death to come for me. Today, I got down to the QuikyMart before I decided I just didn’t want to live anymore. About 2-ish miles and there is a LOT of foliage, which makes everything hotter and more humid than a fat man’s testicles in yoga pants. I plopped down in the shade of the tree in the parking lot and wondered how much an uber was from there to home. A neighbor who was there gave me a ride home. This is the second time neighbors had to rescue me from myself. Anyway, its a cheap high, and I can’t wait until September, because I think I’ll will be at my fighting weight and in presentational condition. Right now, I’m just going to lay here for a while.

Yup. Just for a while.

Eh, I may try this tomorrow.