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6 July 2015, 14:02

Ah. Yes. I finished yet another hour of what could be a book called “My Time In Hell”. I really do complain about the exercising too much. Well, ONE, I enjoy the shit out of complaining (and cussing) and TWO, it’s all part of the process. I’m not even sure what process anymore. I have no goals in mind – kinda tossed those lofty self-betterment goals out, and replaced them with its-something-to-do-rather-than-guzzle-wine-and-watch-“How-It’s-Made”-on-TV. Today was a GOOD Monday, and as I have defined before, a GOOD Monday is when all this treadmill time isn’t hard. The sweat equity I’m putting into my glorious temple of self is worth it, and I feel a nice mumbly-numby.

Now, onto something completely different.

Liberals have got me so disappointed today. I follow a number of different YAY-WE’RE-LIBERAL groups, and enjoy some of the propaganda posted at the expense of conservatives, tea party peeps, and generally anyone who doesn’t agree with me, but one group in particular pissed me off.

It was over some stupid quote posted. Just to catch you up, there was controversy over false quote memes being posted and spread on the internet of late. Sites/groups have been making up quotes, plastering them on unflattering pictures of intended speakers, and letting the meme loose on the internet. I’m not a big supporter of memes like this in general, except for material with a dog on it or in it, (full disclosure: I’ve probably helped propagate a few, and maybe might in the future) and I certainly abhor the spreading of false quotes by this method. I’ve come to realize that tilting at this particular windmill is about as successful as siphoning pee out of a public swimming pool. Though, it’s not to say I wasn’t mindful that my own support/follow-power go to informational venues that AREN’T FULL OF SHIT, and I was indeed, very surprised when this douchebag of the Palin quote actually admitted that he didn’t vett this quote, he didn’t care to take the effort to vett it, and posted it anyway because basically, it’s something he wanted her to say. Good goddamn, that is totally unacceptable. When you use the tactics of your opponents, you put yourself on THEIR level. Screaming that your foes are lying SUMBITCHES rings mighty hollow when, you, yourself cannot even uphold the standards you are requiring of them. I want credibility. I want to know my sources of information have credibility. And in these days of the cyber wild west, any thing can be spewed out there and taken to be as the truth. A good portion of people with internet access don’t have the critical thinking skills required to pick their nose, much less question bullshit they agree with on the internet. I, myself, have been guilty of it – passing on memes and horsecrap without really thinking of its validity. Well, right now, that stops. I’m going to take the fucking time to at least google the crap I perpetuate. If it ain’t a dog video, I’m looking that shit up.

What is doubly disheartening, is the unwashed, rabble blindly skirted over the whole “fuck vetting this shit” thing and missed the point of my screed of honest dissemination. I guess I should be grateful, the originator of the unverified material even posted his disclaimer of “it sounds like something she said…” or that it was indeed some stupid thing Palin actually let fly from her ignorant maw, but I can’t get over the casual disregard of truthfulness in favor of TRUTHINESS (thank you Stephen Cobert). At least it got me thinking about my own spray of information upon others. It has probably been like this forever and a day, and I am just now finding out about it and getting myself in a heated, self righteous lather. Don’t care. Since I’m going to require a modicum amount of fairness and honesty of others, I’m going to try harder to apply that to the bullshit I pass along.


Now, here’s a lovely picture of a doggie.