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23 July 2016, 07:17

Stray Dog Project: Part One

This is the situation. This poor dog has been hanging around our neighborhood for a week now, and Friday night came running up to me. She had some injuries like she had been attacked, so I decided I couldn’t let her go otherwise she’d get even more injuries or possibly killed. I took her in and found out that she gets along with all dogs and cats very sweetly, but one of my dogs is terribly territorial and a giant A-hole and will take to attacking her for no good reason. So she’s been sequestered in one room of the house with the others in the rest of the house. It’s a giant dance of sorts to take everybody out to potty and such. If I had a chainlink between the acre in front and the two in back, I could let her live out front until I found her a home. The longer she stays here, the more of a chance something awful will happen, an accident where hurley gets loose, where this poor dog would get even more injured. She doesn’t have an instinct to fight back, only to lie down. I took her to the vet this morning to treat her leg and she didn’t have a chip, and the injuries were fairly superficial so she’s got antibiotic and pain killers. I would keep her, or foster her until I found her family, except one of my dogs wants to eat her. I need to find her family or a foster/sanctuary for her. I would be willing to foot the bill for food and her medical, she just needs a safe place to stay. I’d be willing to fund her care for a while. She deserves a real shot. She was someone pet, and a quite wonderful one at that. She’s been a remarkable dog staying here, and when she does get a chance to get out of the room and interact with the two dogs that AREN’T trying to kill her, she’s becoming happier and more social.

This is what I know about her. She’s a black lab mix with white on her chest and whispy white on her paws and tip of her tail. She’s about 0-1 years old. She’s very well behaved and afraid (but growing less afraid). She’s kind with kittens and cats, and wary of dogs, but interested in making friends. I think she’s just afraid they’ll attack her. She’s house broken and calm.

I’ve taken her in, she’s went to the vet and I’m trying to create some solution here.

Haven’t seen her poop, yet.