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23 July 2016, 12:21

Stray Dog Project: Part Two

Hurley has been wanting to get a hold of this dog ever since he’s see her, and I don’t know why. She’s taller than him but is UBER submissive and very frightened of everything. It’s like the instinct to fight back is gone in her. Easley weighs 40 lbs less than Hurley but will take him on like some crazy dog. This dog is 52 and is so gentle and starting to come out of her shell.

Why THIS dog, Hurley? Because she’s injured or has weakness? Jealousy? Territorial? It’s better today than it was yesterday. Yesterday, I couldn’t GET Hurley to calm down. Now I can. It’s a struggle. I’m attached to this dog (where have we heard this before?). I want her to have a good home and got a TON of folks posting and what not to help me. It will take time, but at this point, I am vacillating on whether to take her to the humane society.

There’s a nanoparticle of progress. Got both dogs in the same room together and Hurley the asshole relaxed a bit. I think I’m going to get a heavy duty muzzle. this might take a while but I might get them to get along. I just need her to be safe so the muzzle will insure that Doug can handle the dogs and there won’t be any serious trouble. Doug isn’t as fearless as I am when it comes to dealing with dog fights and seriousness. I need him at least a little on board with me if I’m going to make this work. I don’t know if I“m doing the right thing by trying to keep her in this environment. I don’t know if I’m just endangering her just so I don’t feel bad. Or am I just delusional when I think this could work. I’m not really thinking too straight.

This is what I’m trying at the moment to get the Hurley situation resolved. Doug keeps saying “Well, lets rehome Hurley…” Oh my lord. Hurley has been with us 2 years, and we’ve been through some trials with him and his issues. No other owner would devote what we devote to Hurley. He’s piss somebody off, and then get put to sleep. Nope. Not an option. If I owned this house, I’d fence off the back and Lila (what I’ve named the dog) would live in the front.

Not sure what to do next. But at least I have a plan. And that has stopped me from bawling. I do feel the chest pressure I get from stress though.

And I still haven’t see the dog poop yet.