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20 April 2015, 01:49

I’m sick. Oh so sick. A gross, disgusting, gooey sick.

I’m up and I don’t want to be but my coughing and hacking and hocking was keeping Dougie up so I exiled myself to somewhere my ailment and oogie-ness won’t be that disturbing. Mucus has been my constant companion for a week now. I find myself being ill and watching old Doctor Who, wishing I was in as good as shape as Leela (one of the Doctor’s companions) is in.

I have just ran this whole thing off in a ditch. Last week, I had new and surprising progress in the whole treadmill thing (lost about 3 pounds in a week) and then Doug got sick. When my routine changes, it kinda fucks up everything. He got sick and then it started raining and then I got sick. And there were cookies. And homemade burritos. And more rain and cold. The rain, cold, sick, and cookies threw me off my treadmill schedule, so I don’t know if I’ve just obliterated all that good, hard, earned progress I made. I’m afraid to get back on the scale.

I have salads and yogurt in the fridge, and tomorrow I have a couple of phone interviews to do, and I was determined to, once again, mount that treadmill and ride it all the way to hell and back. I’m hoping it will be nice, and that the amount of mucus my body is producing will be at a manageable level. I’ve got all sorts of things to do, and I can’t get to sleep, can’t breathe out my nose, can’t get the sloshing pressure out of my head and don’t know where the hell my motivation is going to come from to move since every part of my body aches with illness.

My friend Peter has done EXTRAORDINARY in his efforts to slim down and get healthier. He had, I think, gastric bypass surgery health reasons, and it is WICKED AMAZING how he has worked to change everything for the better. He looks incredible. And I bet he loves the changes, too. To tell the truth, when I get down about how slow my progress seems to be going, I think of him and it gives me a little boost of “well, come on and do it, then”. If he can deal with gastric bypass surgery and all that came with it, then I should take all the tools and abilities I have at my disposal and just DO it. I have no excuses not to just DO it. I am more than able-bodied and I have no health issues holding me back to continuing to work out and eat better.

I just dip into my lazy trough and come up with cookies.

Okay hold on. You all just wait a minute… (run to scale)

(((((OH CRAP))))))

Yeah. I kinda need to start all the workout shit again.

Anyway. Haven’t updated in a while, and wanted to let everybody know I didn’t drop over stone dead yet.