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29 June 2015, 10:09

While I’m awaiting the iphone to charge up so that I can subject myself to horrendous and most probably body damaging exercise, I’ll quickly run down the couple of things that are running through my head.

This happened. www.cnn.com – supreme-court-same-sex-marriage-ruling”. Whoo Hoo. yay. Whatever. People are rainbowizing their avatars and the White House lit up like an old time Apple logo. I know it’s suppose to be a big deal, and it’s historic and the like. I’m not real excited and don’t really care to RAH RAH it like it was VJ day. Here’s why. It’s something that should have been. It’s like celebrating that people don’t shoot each other at the McDonald’s if their order is wrong. It’s like child support – it’s something you are SUPPOSE to do. I don’t get excited that we are finally doing what we were suppose to be doing all along. Yay, we are finally being fair to a group of people in 2015? And. Well. Gay marriage doesn’t effect me. Doesn’t do squat for me. Yay for you. But, I don’t really care other than it something that should have been already done. Gayness doesn’t effect me other than some of my friends are gay and bad shit happens to them because of that. Other than me getting incensed over that bad shit, two same sex people loving each other and being married doesn’t seem like a big deal to me and, well, I don’t care that you’re married. It’s great that you can now, but it’s more that I am disappointed that we were still debating all that up until I was 47 years old.

We should have done it a long time ago, forgot about it, and not have to have a friggin’ debate on whether two people who love each other can get married all the way up to 2015. Just like it should be normal and common sense to pay me as much as a man, to not beat the shit out of anyone because they are different, and to let people be whoever/whatever the fuck they want to, as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody, or break any laws. But. Hey. WOO HOO. I’ll throw that in for winning a fight that shouldn’t even have happened and has no bearing on my life in any practical way. For what it was worth, I’ve recognized my gay friend couples as married or tied to each other for decades. I’m just glad they have legal protection and recognition now. In 2015. Yay and rah rah for shit that should have happened a long time ago.

Confederate Flag

Confederacy Bullshit

Seriously? This is a thing? Still? First of all, fuck the confederacy. You lost, the Union won, you won’t EVER rise again, deal with it. Secondly, to all you self righteous bastards on both sides of the thing: the civil war was NOT ONLY A WAR ABOUT SLAVERY, it was ALSO one about sovereignty, states rights, the break up of the Union, and a host of other complications. Don’t tell me the flag is representative of heritage. The damn thing should be treated like the Nazi flag and displayed in museums as a relic of fucked up things and a screwed up time. It’s only value is pretty much historic. that being said, this is a free country, and you can display it, sell it, dress in it, burn it, have sex on it or tattoo it onto your fucking forehead for all I give a rat’s ass about it. I think its an abomination to have it display in some reverent way, because it means hate and bigotry to a good portion of Americans, but it’s not against the law to be a dick. It should be, however, against the law to be a dick if you are the government. Flying it in a proud and rebellious manner above a statehouse, should be AT LEAST acknowledged as a dick move. It should be taken down for NO LESS because, well, it’s not our country’s flag. It shouldn’t be placed in a position of honor. Period. I’m not going to debate heritage versus hatred. I believe that we should NEVER forget the past – but in doing so, you remember ALL of the past and the fuck nuts who give me that argument always want to white wash over that slavery/racism bit. They can’t put themselves in the position of looking at the flag from a realistic point of view. And if Walmart or Jiffy Lube or whoever wants to stop selling it, okay. Free country. They have the right. See how all that works? The government, however, probably, should at the very least NOT fly it, since, you know, it should be the government of all the people, and not just fat whitey.


I guess we are still planning on going? I absolutely hate not being able to plan what I should be doing. I get dinged about not having a job, although I am looking for one everyday, and I work around this dump everyday. And I’m the type who really can’t be dishonest and take a job that I know would need someone for the long term, KNOWING I might not be here in three months. I’m on the fence about just going ahead and taking a job, and pretending I know I’ll be here forever. I think. I don’t know. I SO DON’T LIKE NOT BEING ABLE TO PRE-PREPARE FOR SHIT.


Hating the plateau I’m on. Haven’t budged the pudge in about three weeks. Pissing me off.

Orange Cat.

Orange Cat makes like he loves us and is a normal cat during late night hours, then is gone just about the whole day. He also runs away like a mother fucker when he sees Doug, which I find sorta funny. But he needs to get with the program. I don’t think when we are gone, the new occupants are going to want him wandering their abode in the wee hours of the morning.


Been involuntarily thinking of my old dogs, especially Jakey. I did Jakey so wrong, and I’m just swimming in guilt these days. It’s been 5 years now, and I still feel really bad that I didn’t just scoop up Jake and take him with me to whereever. I left him with friends and he got sick (tearing up right now). I’m such a shitty doggie-mommy.


Having strange dreams. About the winning the lottery, and bugs and all sorts of odd things. Quit it, brain, like I got enough neurosis, I don’t need you generating more.


Stalling right now. Yeah. Okay. I guess I’m ready for the tready.