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9 July 2015, 13:29

My, that treadytime was easy. I think I might have had a stroke and can’t feel the obvious pain I’m in.

Got no clue as to why today, all that exercise was a breeze. Almost leaves me with nothing to complain about.

Breaking News: “I’m a dumbass” says Jim Carrey”

Oh yeah. There’s something.

In the past year, disease that were virtually gone when I was a kid have suddenly cropped up. 178 cases of measles in 24 states have been reported. Pertussis, or more commonly known as Whooping Cough, has had a dramatic INCREASE in reported cases with at least two cases of infants dying (they were too young to receive the vaccine and depended upon “herd immunity”). 49 cases of Whooping Cough were reported this month in my home state, alone. Mumps and Chicken Pox are making dramatic in roads. All of these are, in large part, due to the anti-vaccination campaigns.

Fuck me royally, first of all, if you are taking medical advice from a man who made not ONE, but TWO movies with the “dumber” in the title, we need to separate you from society or at least get you a competent guardian and take away your internet.

Has science education taken a back seat to Twitter, these days? Why on this bloody blessed plot would you ever take at face value, medical advice from movie stars? It’s is dangerous and absolutely reprehensible that these people are spreading fiction, calling it the truth and giving advice that could kill your children. Alicia Silverstone, Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey, Donald Trump etc. are all spreading misinformation on vaccination that is helping usher in new outbreaks of old disease, and causing suffering and death because they have convinced a good portion of educated, well meaning people to not vaccinate their children. They are basing all this off studies that have been discredited, physicians who are charlatans and assumptions of causation that are just plain false.

The Truth About 9 Anti-Vaccine Studies

PBS documentary on the origins of the Anti-Vax movement…

A wave of ignorance was sparked by Dr. Andrew Wakefield who wrote in a study that his study of 12 children showed that the three vaccines taken together could alter immune systems, causing intestinal woes that then reach, and damage, the brain.

From the New York FUCKING Times, in 2015:

In fairly short order, his [Dr. Wakefield’s] findings were widely rejected as — not to put too fine a point on it — bunk. Dozens of epidemiological studies found no merit to his work, which was based on a tiny sample. The British Medical Journal went so far as to call his research “fraudulent.” The British journal Lancet, which originally published Dr. Wakefield’s paper, retracted it. The British medical authorities stripped him of his license.

Nonetheless, despite his being held in disgrace, the vaccine-autism link has continued to be accepted on faith by some. Among the more prominently outspoken is Jenny McCarthy, a former television host and Playboy Playmate, who has linked her son’s autism to his vaccination: He got the shot, and then he was not O.K. Post hoc, etc.

Full New York Times Article…

I can’t totally fault people for not understanding the science behind vaccines. Especially when sources other than a playboy model promote the same bullshit. Sources with the initials “Dr.” in front of there name – Dr. Jack Wolfson, notably. He says, “Don’t be mad at me for speaking the truth about vaccines,” Wolfson said in a telephone interview with The Washington Post. “Be mad at yourself, because you’re, frankly, a bad mother. You didn’t ask once about those vaccines. You didn’t ask about the chemicals in them. You didn’t ask about all the harmful things in those vaccines…. People need to learn the facts.”

The Washington Post article goes on to say “Every respectable expert totally disagrees with him and his anti-vaccine movement and, along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, urges parents to get their kids vaccinated. And Wolfson himself, who has quickly become something of a spokesman for the anti-vaxxers, is in no way an expert on vaccines or infectious diseases. He’s cardiologist who now does holistic medicine.”

Full Washington Post Article…

Come ON, folks?!!

The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Centers for Disease Control, for CHRIST’S SAKES is where I’m getting my information. I’m not getting any legitimate information from the Jim Carrey Picayunne or Dr. Boobs McCarthy. I can google many, many, many studies on the effectiveness of vaccines, the fallacy of the assumption of correlation between vaccines and autism, the historically devastating effects of diseases like Measles, Whooping Cough, Polio etc. AND YOU CAN, TOO. I’m begging you to do the research, look at the studies, and well FUCK, look at the history of disease in this country. They are some of the most horrendous, wide spreading mondern plagues we have had. The suffering and death caused by these diseases is documented. Science has led us through a hard battle with these ailments and gave us the hard fought rewards of effective vaccines through research and study. We have almost wiped out some of the worst killers in history, that have caused immense pain and deformity. And now the anti-vaccine movement, has breathed new life into them, and set them free without restraint, to infect and kill again. VACCINATE YOUR CHILDREN.

I’ll bet a bunch of you are yammering about freedom of choice, and it’s your kid blah blah blah.

It’s just not all about you.

The real miracle of vaccinations is if we do it right, we create what is know as “herd immunity.” Herd immunity is a form of indirect protection from infectious disease that occurs when a large percentage of a population has become immune to an infection, providing some measure of protection for individuals who are not immune. In a population in which a large number of individuals are immune, the spread of an disease is more easily disrupted The greater the number of individuals who are immune, the smaller the probability that those who are not immune will come into contact with an infectious individual.

It’s a public health issue. It’s not just all about you.

Also. When is REAL DEATH preferable to a FAKE POSSIBILITY OF CONTRACTING AUTISM? Let’s just say it’s Bizarro America, and vaccines cause autism. You’d rather have your child die from Whooping Cough than maybe contract autism, a condition where your child DOESN’T die?

From MY favorite site, WebMD…

What Causes Autism?
Because autism runs in families, most researchers think that certain combinations of genes may predispose a child to autism. But there are risk factors that increase the chance of having a child with autism.

Advanced age of the mother or the father increases the chance of an autistic child.

When a pregnant woman is exposed to certain drugs or chemicals, her child is more likely to be autistic. These risk factors include the use of alcohol, maternal metabolic conditions such as diabetes and obesity, and the use of antiseizure drugs during pregnancy. In some cases, autism has been linked to untreated phenylketonuria (called PKU, an inborn metabolic disorder caused by the absence of an enzyme) and rubella (German measles).

Although sometimes cited as a cause of autism, there is no evidence that vaccinations cause autism.

So a dead child is preferable to one with autism? Fabulous.

I’m begging you all. Do REAL research. Vaccinate for the sake of everyone. Look at DECADES of empirical data. Please do your children this one courtesy before making them a bullseye for disease and death.