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30 January 2017, 10:32


It’s like a fucking nightmare every morning when I open up my browser and I see horrifying shit like THIS. I really don’t understand how we all got to this point? How the fucking purple hell did we get to a point to where the alt-right, and from now on will be referred to as fascist nazis, has an IMPORTANT HIGH LEVEL advisory position to a president of the United States? What the fucking hell? I just couldn’t take it this morning. I became one of those people struck dumb, as if someone forced me to watch “Human Centipede” on a 4k Ultra HD TV. I am struck stupid and can’t not believe that those who voted for Trump, a cheeto colored man-child with the impulse control of a 4 year old and intellectual curiosity of a head of cabbage, would have supported putting a horror-show like Bannon anywhere near the power center of the west. I never thought I’d see the day that the 4th estate would be in danger of being neutered. I never thought I’d see the day when facts are inconsequential and education is vilified. I never thought I’d see the day when we, as a nation, stood up and decided that inclusion is a goal and isolationism is the answer to… anything.

I have been alive for a long time, and seen my share of presidents elected, from Ford to Obama. I’ve seen things get polarized, I’ve seen presidents be elected who stood for many things I despised, but I never felt that there was anyone that could really do significant damage to our democracy. Cheney got close, but Trump has surpassed him in an astounding way. Darth Cheney scared the hell out of me, but I never thought I’d actually fear for the country like I have in the last several weeks.

Let’s just forget that Trump is ill equipped to run the country. He has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt he is struggling. For one at the helm of the most powerful countries on the earth to worry about people posting pictures of his sparse inauguration crowds is fucking insane. His self absorption and cluelessness about how to prioritize an agenda is terrifying. I was hopeful that maybe he would appoint smarter people around him to guide him on how to do his fucking job, but his cabinet appointees make me wonder if he isn’t actually caring on how he is doing his job. He has appointed Trump supporters with little regards as to their experience and knowledge on how to accomplish the task he has handed them. Billionaires and yes-men put in positions that really need competency. It’s hard to forget that his ability to run the country is about at the level that he has to self regulate his behavior. And we all know how functionally inadequate he is to do that.

The one thing at the top of my list that fucking makes him a terrifying reaper of destruction of all that I hold dear is that he has allowed a powerfully evil (yes, I used the word evil, and I never do) force to have a powerfully loud bullhorn and influence on national policy. He has made himself a puppet of the alt-right (fascist nazis), a movement and group that represent the most reprehensible instincts and actions of the human race. The isolationism and tribalism that create racism and war are embedded in the hearts of these people. They keep alive old evils, while fostering new ones. They cater to an anti-semitic (which is surprising for a movement saying they are pro-Israel) and white supremacy base, cloaking themselves as “conservative” (I am praying to god conservatives get sick to their stomachs when they are linked to any of this).

I’m tasting vomit in my mouth thinking about how primed Trump was to have the alt-right’s (fascist nazis) hand up his ass, working him like a meat puppet.

Any Trump backer who possesses any sort of humanity should find themselves hard pressed to find any reason to support this decision to allow this fecal stain of a man, Bannon, and all that he represents near the centers of power. Can’t we all agree on the basic premise that we need to have a minimum standard of humanity for anyone of which we bestow the mantle of leadership? Can’t we agree on having basic decency as a requirement for those we put into power?

And those of you who tell me I’m a “dumb ass liberal”, or a liberal elitist or whatever you call uppity women? You can’t even sputter out reasons that make sense to support Trump and his ilk. Fuck you. For those of you who criticize those who are protesting? I’m not sure why you are doing that. This is a free country, we have the right to protest. We aren’t rich, idle women who decided it would be fashionable to go out into the cold to protest the president because we want attention. FUCK YOU, it’s our right to have our voices heard when we raise them against something we find abhorrent. I have an education, but I also work paycheck to paycheck. The money I give to causes like NOW, Planned Parenthood, ACLU, the support I give to SPLC and ProPublica is not barbie doll, idle hands, allowance from my husband money. I don’t expect to “educate” you to the “right point of view.” I’m not elite nor am I P.C. So, FUCK YOU for putting me in that pigeon hole, thusly, ignoring my (and a bunch of other people’s) concerns. You people miss the point entirely if you are shouting down protesters and Anti-Trumpers by saying “We won, you lost, shut up.” In a democracy, EVERYONE has a voice. So screw you, I had to grit my teeth through the burning effigies of Obama, cat calls and vulgarities being hurled at me for being a liberal, and despicable human beings comparing Obama’s wife and daughters to monkeys, you guys can kiss my ass while I yell, scream and protest.

There was a thousand calls for unity and peace from liberals and otherwise. There were a thousand calls for “moving on”, and “giving him a chance.” The same people who were telling me to do that, are now on board the “he’s fucking crazy” train.

It is no longer acceptable for me to open up NPR.org in the mornings and be sickened by the next Trump-induced disaster, as I try to sublimate my anger. It is no longer adequate for me to scream at passing cars “You stupid, redneck, Trump voting motherfucker” while driving to work. I have an especially big hate-on for Trump supporters and Republicans, because your deal with the devil has caused me to realize just being educated on issues, just being an informed citizen that votes is no longer enough. I hate you to the core because you have caused me to get off my ass and actually commit to do SOMETHING to save my country.

It’s damn lucky that I like my country just a wee bit more than I like sitting on the couch and watching TV.