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9 December 2015, 15:00

Happy holidays everybody. I’m not sure how to even prose it up right now. I just have to say, DAMN 2015, WTF. The year is almost over, and about to end with what should be our most sacred, holy, and valued of seasons. The credit card season. We are okay. Not great. There has been some setbacks, and things that could be called setbacks by people who called Katrina just a mild gale. And again, DAMN 2015, couldn’t you have given us some sort of break from the wild rapids you called life? There were times when everything seem to be looking up just before it headed to the bottom at breakneck speed.

It has been one roller coaster ride after another.
It’s just too much. I am pulled from one peak down to another valley over and over again. It really is stressing everybody and everything around here. When I start to look enviously at Gary Busey’s financial situation, I know I’m currently walking through one of my valleys. And what is fucked up is it has become old hat. It has become the new normal. It’s numbing to everybody (except for me – I tend to think every time is the worst time) when the bullshit keeps happening.

I just deleted some paragraphs about me bitching and relaying the stories of some of the shit I’ve had to plod through. I just haven’t the heart to tell the tales. I feel like I really am treading on old ground and no one but me would benefit from a therapy session. Sometimes it’s really just good to talk but it’s the guilt of being that complainy loop of kevetching that keeps me from just laying it all out there. Just suffice it to say, DAMN 2015, WTF? REALLY.

And. Well. I’m not really sure if it’s warranted just yet. It might be, but I can’t be sure. I’ve felt that we were just about to fall into the abyss, but something saved us at the last minute. I’m kind of hoping something like that will happen now.

But you’d be proud of me right now, no matter how depressed and down I’ve been for our current situation, I found myself giving to the bell ringing Santa and feeding the 5 dogs that some fuckwad redneck dumped out in the field next to our house. Trying to spread what blessings we do have to others.

Please have a happy holiday and keep a big fat smile in your heart for me.