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26 March 2016, 13:17

Snohomish, Washington? Who do I know that lives in Washington?

Yes. Back. And aren’t we all pleased.

I just got off our new treadmill and I feel like I want to die. Sweaty, smelly, and terribly out of shape. I knew I had let it go a bit, but I was hoping it wouldn’t be unbearably agonizing to restart the treadmill thing again. It sucked as bad as I pretty much expected. Plus, I don’t think I can do this everyday, since now I work a horrible, soul sapping job and am pretty tired at the end of the day. One good thing about the sapping of your soul is that it kills most of your appetite, so you don’t eat nearly as much as when life is not a pit of suck. The HUD on the new tready is off – so the distance and mph parts of the tracking I can’t do, but the time is accurate, so I’m trying to at least do an hour a session. I crank it up to do what I remember the other one doing at XX mph and guess at the distance I’m going.

And yes, you heard right, I have a job. A survival job so that I may search out a good design position while not starving to death out on the street. Doug is still out on injury and being compensated but I didn’t want that to be the only source of income (plus he was bellyaching about me not doing anything) so I got this horrible little job. It’s a job a retarded monkey could do, and the ladies there do not operate at the professional level I’m used to dealing with. It’s like working at a catalog call center. It’s Lord of the Flies but with housewives. So I’m beavering away trying to find a decent gig. My friend Peter was describing his past state as “underemployed” but now he has a decent gig. He’s about my age and 10x smarter than me and had to be “underemployed” for a long while so I don’t feel as worthless as I use to for doing what I need to do. I do the sort of work that is enhanced with time, and not diminished so I’m hoping that smarts and talent are still marketable. I have a good dollop of that, enough that I could score an above decent sort of gig with enough time and effort.

Hate where I work – just because the more uneducated the coworkers, the more territorial and petty they act. I work with doctors (pathologists) and such, and they treat me very decently and with a good deal of respect. It’s the jumped-up little housewives who, by the sheer virtue of being there forever, have small valuable positions. They managed to manipulate these positions as ones that can’t be done by anybody else – you know the type of people who know all the little ins and outs of their job and haven’t told anybody on earth how/what/why the intricacies of their job. The jobs would be easy to do for anyone, if they just knew a bit about them, and these little ladies are keeping that information tightly clenched up in their vagina holes, so they are going to be doing those jobs until they die. The company would love to keep me on, because I think they’ve never had smart people in the suck-level jobs but they are having trouble finding a place for me at which I would be happy. To tell the truth, there is none, so I just do the best I can and hold the front against the forgetful office manager who manages not to inform me of important facts about my job, or the petty little dictator who is filled with the spirit of Jesus and wants to impart his glories to you every morning whether you want to hear them or not.

Fuck that.

Speaking of things that will kill me before my time, I would like to know what in god’s name are you all doing with this Trump thing? What the holy hell do you all have against honest, smart people that you would support a petty little infantile demagog, who if you put his brain in a baboon, you’d have to shave the baboon’s ass because it would start walking backwards and farting out its mouth. You got to be kidding me with this big bag of demented hot air and hair spray. This man is will be the downfall of this country, and make us a laughing stock of the world… if we are lucky. If we are unlucky, he will gut the economy and set us on a path for World War III. He is the end all and be all of Idiocracy and if you elect him to any office, we might as well shoot the meth into our eyeballs, turn on “Boonies” and just wait for the world to end.

Now. I’m off to scour the job sites for SOMETHING that is decent to do in this area of Hee Haw.

See ya later, please spay and neuter your pets, and please don’t vote for Trump.